Disambiguation on the .Al Domains.

.Al domain are the Albania top level domains . In the past this extension raised a large missunderstanding with  the State of Alabama and in many cases Alabama Business  registered using trusted registration an used such domain. .Al is the top level registration. The second level is appropriate for the type of organization, but many now exist directly below .al. These are the second level domains in current use:

  • .com.al for enterprises & commercial organizations
  • .edu.al for academic and R&D institutions
  • .gov.al for government institutions
  • .mil.al for military organizations
  • .net.al for organizations dedicated on networking
  • .org.al for non-government organizations
  • .biz.al for businesses relaiting or in Albania.

The registration is allowed to anyone even non Albanian citizens

Within the application a passport number ore tax registration number is required. In the market are also a small number of firms that can provide trusted registration. Fore more info see Resellers . The authority that has the status of registrant for the moment is  Akep Telecommunications Regulatory Entity – Albanian Authority for Domain Registration . The process of a domain registration is still in a manual process and usually requires 1-2 working days for .al domain registration.
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