Who are the domain .Al that can't register

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The following rules are taken from the “ REGULATION For the Registration and Administration of the Domain Names under .AL and Sub domains .gov.al, .mil.al, .edu.al, .com.al, .org.al and .net.al” For more info visit the Akep Site www.akep.gov.al

Al Domain that are not allowed to be registred.
The applicant has the right to choose as a domain name any kind of name that hi likes, apart from those names which are in the list of forbidden or reserved names and those which have been registered by entities before, as defined in this Regulation. The applicant is accountable for all the responsibilities that derive from this choice, apart from the sunrise period.
Regarding the choice of a domain name, the applicant is obligated to implement all the terms and conditions defined in this Regulation.
The name chosen must fulfill the following conditions:

a) it should not be in the list of “forbidden names”;
b) it should not be in the list of “reserved names”;
c) it should be in compliance with the syntactic rules (Article 20);
d) it should not violate the rights of the third parties, especially:
i. The copyright (literary and artistic property and/or industrial property)
ii. The competition law and correct behavior in business/commercial relations;
e) it should not breach the public morality and order, and especially should not contains such terms that:
iii. Violate the basic human rights and freedom, personal freedom and rights, political freedom and rights, economic, social and cultural freedom and rights foreseen in the Constitution;
iv. Can cause any damage regarding the normal growth of minors.
f) it should necessarily be different from the names of territorial and administrative divisions in accordance with the law in force.

Reserved and forbidden names

The names considered as prohibited are those names that cannot be registered as domain names according to the published list or not (this depending on their peculiarity/nature) by the Responsible Authority.
Reserved names are the names subject to registration under special conditions related to the identity and the category in which the applicant has been classified.
The Responsible Authority, in compliance with the definitions of this Regulation, prepares and publishes on the web page www.ert.gov.al the list of forbidden and reserved names.
. The “forbidden” names include, but not limiting to them, abusive, insulting, racist names, words related to crimes or misbehavior and those that conflict with the good customs and traditions.
Some examples of “reserved” domain names are: technical Internet terms, names related to actions/operations of the state, names of the international organizations, districts, prefectures, city halls, communes, cities, countries, administrative divisions of Albania, regions/areas with their popular or ancient name. Other reserved names are cultural or nature monuments defined as such by law or sub legal acts.
The published list of the reserved or forbidden names is updated by the Responsible Authority on the basis of relevant information acquired and processed in a legal way.
There are not excluded the cases when, the Responsible Authority, considering the above mentioned reasons when replying to an application for a certain name, expresses the justified disapproval, regardless of the absence of this name in the published list.
The Responsible Authority, regarding the designation and updating of the list of the forbidden and reserved names, collaborates with the respective bodies appointed by law or sub legal acts, as well as with the Council of Ministers, the Assembly,
institutions of the juridical system, international institutions where the Republic of Albania adheres, local government bodies and any other institution within the legitimate interest for this reason.
Various disputes that can arise with the interested party regarding the list of the reserved and forbidden names and the consequences as a result, do not constitute a legal responsibility for the Responsible Authority.

19.9The applicant, whose request for a domain name has been refused by the Responsible Authority because this name was included in the reserved or forbidden list (according to the above quoted 19.6), has the right to complain to this authority by presenting the facts, objections and claims, within 30 days from the day of notification. The request must be accompanied by relevant argumentation.

Syntactic rules

A domain name is a series of alphanumeric characters including letters from A to
Z, numbers from 0 to 9 and the sign minus ““.
From a syntactic point of view domain names cannot be registered when:
a) The names have only one character;
b) The names have only two characters;
c) The names begin or end in minus ““;
d) The names have more than 63 characters;
e) The names begin with any two alphanumeric characters followed by two minuses

How can I register a .Al domain

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